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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Startup package for as low as RM200 only! This promo only valid during Cover-19 pandemic as first come first serve.

We understand that in this crucial moment during the Covid-19 pandemic for everyone of us,a lot of people is suffering by losing his jobs, pay cuts and not stable income. You could be jobless now and spend most of the time at home. We hear from you and during this period we launch the minimum startup package as low as RM200 for you to start your casino slot game business online. Most importantly you can work from home and it could be your new beginning life, new life changing.

Why to be Casino Agent?

Certainly, this is the exciting moment when become casino agent and operating your business from home with all the players playing the games and you also earn the side income for living. Aside from making good money, we also urged our agent to be social responsible and always help the poor and the needed.

How to be Casino Agent?
  1. Choose to be agent for 918kiss. Our slot games are famous in Malaysia & Singapore. This is widely accepted by all the players. You can easily promote the games without big effort.

  2. Decide your startup package. We urge you to start from small amount for RM200 package if you are not experience to run this business. This is the good start to learn to be your own boss and you won’t need to take initial big capital for the business at the same time possible to earn big income. If you gain more experience and your business is growing only take the more game points. The package available from RM200 to RM8,000, the higher the package the more game points you received.

  3. We will provide your casino kiosk system and guide your through the journey for using the system for Top Up amount, Withdrawal and create new game id for your player.

  4. Register with us. Our team work 24 hours a day. Welcome to reach us anything and our support team will be happy to serve any of your inquiry. Direct chat with sales team 10am-6pm

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